Legenze Reverse

Twin Pack includes 2 Units Legenze Reverse 500ml


Formulate and Developed from Okinawa, Japan

Essential Probiotics for Reversal Ageing (Vital Organs)

Legenze is a Probiotic concentrate beverage with very rich antioxidants. Through our in-house patented Lactobacillus fermentation technology (Bio-energy Creation). Engineered to repair cells codings, clean up free radical and defend the body system from unfriendly bacteria & Virus. Formulated by natural beneficial bacterias like; Lactic acid bacteria, Yeast, Light synthetic bacteria and Lactobacillus casei LX1 & LX2.

Legenze contains rich concentrations of Bio-available essences that include vegetable enzymes, fruit enzymes, trace minerals, and vitamins. Such as COEnzymeQ, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Lycopene. These antioxidants that contain dozens of microelements and energy, thus efficiently activate the body's SOD activities. And are beneficial qualities needed to maximize and optimize the strength of Lactobacillus bacterias


Nutrients are in Microform as it is fundamentally essential for prolonging human life. The, which can be quickly absorbed by our tongue in milliseconds. This absorption enables all the Active Substances to reach the vital organs via our bloodstreams.

Legenze transfigures our gut and spleen into fundamentally healthy conditions.


· Helps to maintain a healthy gut system.

· Cell regeneration abilities.

· Maintain a balance of beneficial bacteria.

· Fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system.

· Regulates blood circulation more effectively.



· Purified Water

· Lactobacillus Casei,

· Soy Protein,

· Soy Peptide,

. Ganoderma Extract

. Green Tea Extracts

· Bamboo Salt,

· Lemon,

· Oat Bran,

· Rice Bran,

· Brown Rice,

· Black Rice,

· Sesame,

Legenze Reverse

    • Liquid Form 500ml per bottle.
    • Fermentation flavor (Light Bitter & Sourish Taste)
    • One Month expiry from Open bottle.
    • Life ProBiotics and Microbes inside
    • Suitable for age 1 yr old and above.
    • Best served in cold temperatures.
    • Keep Away from sunlight


    Max of 20ml per day.


    For chronic illness, Please consult your family doctors before consuming.