Ganoderma Cleansing Bar

Youthful skin with Lingzhi.

Soothingly fresh and scentless, the Cleansing Bar blends with a tradition Ganoderma Lingzhi powder infused with the western recipe. It transforms the skin as it touches the surface. This winning Cosmetic remover and Skincare cleansing gently whisk away all types of stubborn makeup, even harmful contaminants and bacteria, while conditioning the skin. Leaves skin feeling natural and refreshed, with no oily and detrimental residues. Clean skin means breathing youthful skin.

> Ideal for all skin types.
> Ideal for all countries climate.


-Cleans off all types of makeup, harmful airborne bacteria, pollutants, and contaminants.
-Reduce Pore size, Brighten skin, Smoothen Skin.
-Heals and protects skin.

Skincare products with Red Lingzhi mushrooms have been recognized as a high premier ingredient for restoring skin vitality and rejuvenation.

Ganoderma Cleansing Bar

  • Soap Bar Form 50g.


    Suitable for age 1 yr old and above.

    For skin diseases, Please consult your skin doctors before applying.


    Keep Away from sunlight

    Keep it airtight if possible.
    Apply foam on the skin.


    Lather with water to create foam, and apply cleansing.

    For cosmetic removal >

    • Apply foam directly on skin and massage till the cosmetics are diluted.
    • Wash off with water. 2nd wash is possible if required.

    For Normal wash >

    • Apply foam directly on skin and massage for 1 to 2 mins
    • Wash off with water.


    Alternative Use:

    • Sleeping Mask > Apply Foam on skin.
    • Anti-itch, Anti-inflammation > Apply Foam on affected area.


    For damaged skin, burnt skin, injured skin, surgical scar, contaminated skin and peeling skin. > Apply foam on affected area without washing. Apply daily till affected area is recovered fully.