First Love Silk Mask (8 Sheets)

Introducing Asia’s 1st Facial Treatment Mask sheet with DNA microbe repairing compound and rare X1 White Strawberry's extracts. A skin treatment formula rapidly regenerates delicate or damaged skin and blocks harmful UV rays and metallic properties. A treatment mask of the most exquisite quality at an affordable price.


«First Love» Formulated and developed in Japan. Harvested from Japan’s only white strawberry extracts. Rich in powerful antioxidant essence. A powerful moisturizing, rejuvenation, whitening, repairing, anti-oxidation and magical anti-inflammatory to the skin cells.


<<Natural Silk>> Mask fits seamlessly on the skin, allowing the rich silk protein, repairing microbes and white strawberry anti-oxidant serum to be locked in the outer pores of the skin and gradually penetrate the skin layers to achieve the desired result quickly.


10 Significant Benefits of White Strawberry Silk Mask

  • 50 times more hydration effect
  • Gives optimal cell hydration
  • Effective whitening
  • Enhances skin collagen elasticity and repair
  • Treats sensitive skin
  • Seeps through skin rapidly
  • Enhance skin nutrition metabolism
  • Regenerates healthy skin tissues
  • Repairs skin tissues
  • Enhance cell adhesion & Anti-radiation


«First Love» contains an anti-oxidant function to achieve brightening white complexion and strengthening the skin’s anti-aging capacity; Clinical trials proved that the skin had enhanced the absorption ability to the collagen, allowing the skin to be suppler and firm.



Aqua, Soy peptide, white strawberry extracts, Butanediol, Betaine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Carbomer, Bishydroxymethyl, Opuntia Streptacantha, glycerin, Cassava starch, Disodium EDTA.


Each Silk Mask is packed individually.

Each order/unit comes with 8 sheets.


First Love Silk Mask (8 Sheets)

  • Life microbes and white strawberry essence inside.

    Once open MUST be used.


    Suitable for teenagers and above.

    Keep in fridge between 20 deg to 25 deg.


    For fast and effective results: