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Shield Pro
Hair Repair Serum
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Long Hair

Instant Effect

Mutekiz Shield pro

​Hair care that saves time and saves energy




Apply directly with no washing required
Non-oily or greasy
Keeps hair shiny, silky and smooth 

8 Major Problems for Hair Repair

Due to internal and external factors, there are different degrees of dryness and damage to the hair:

Over Dyeing And Heat
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Split Ends
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Faded “Dull Hair”
Dryness Leading To Static Electric Charge
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Dandruff On The Scalp
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Oily And Smoke-filled Environments
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Hair Care Strategy and Main Ingredients

Strategy – A strengthening, protective hair mask specially created for the tropical climate.
To penetrate to the hair core and repair damage.

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Tilia Tomentosa Bud Extract

Shiny and smooth hair protection film, reduces static electricity and makes hair more beautiful.

Melon Extract

With cleansing properties - softening and soothing the scalp while adding essential moisture.


Jojoba oil

Moisturises, “locks-in water”, reduces inflammation and enhances flexibility of hair.

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Organic Olive Oil

Improves dry hair, activates regeneration and delays hair aging.

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 Shield Pro - An essential formula that nourishes and repairs the hair to restore its lustre. 
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8 advantages of Shield Pro to optimize the health of hair strands of all hair types

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Anti Odours

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Nourishes and Repairs 

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Color Protection

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​Heat Protection

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UV Protection


Parfum Creation


Customised fragrance specially formulated by Japanese perfume craftsmen

Top Note: Bergamot

Middle Note: Orange blossom, Pear, Jasmine

Base Note: Cedar Wood


Long-lasting scent lingers for up to 8 hours

For your self confidence. 

It can be reapplied anytime and anywhere depending on the environment 
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Mutekiz Shield Pro FAQ

Can I apply Shield Pro on wet hair? 我可以在湿发上涂抹Shield Pro营养发膜吗?

To maximize the benefits of Shield Pro, make sure you towel dry your hair before application.

可以. 但为了达到更好的效果,请在使用前毛巾擦干头发,用后吹干更佳。

Can I apply Shield Pro when hair is dry? 平时头发干可以使用Shield Pro营养发膜吗?

Yes, you can. Always apply Shield Pro to the hair ends first, then up to the middle section and finally only up to the last 2.5 cm or 1 inch before the root.

可以. 从发尾开始上往下涂,和发根有一寸的距离。

Is Shield Pro suitable for hair loss? 有脱发情况可使用Shield Pro营养发膜吗?

Yes, Shield Pro is suitable for hair loss. Only apply to the end and middle sections of the hair strands. DO NOT apply near the hair root.

Shield Pro营养发膜不会加速脱发情况. 请用于头发的中部或发尾,使用时不宜涂在发根。

How many times can I apply Shield Pro a day? 我一天可使用多少次Shield Pro营养发膜?

Shield Pro can stay on for about 8 hours depending on the environment you are in.
You can apply Shield Pro whenever it is required - for example, in a food centre, BBQ steamboat, public areas with tobacco smoke, or chemical plant environments. Or any other environment that contains odours that may cling to hair.

可以随时随地使用,无限制次数,例如在充满异味的环境,烧烤店,火锅店等。涂上 后,瞬间秀发散发迷人香气,能维持大约8个小时(视乎所在环境气候因数)。

How to apply Shield Pro? 如何使用Shield Pro营养发膜?

Wet hair after shower:

  1. Always towel dry your hair before applying Shield Pro.
  2. Spread your hair evenly on left and right. Or tilt your head to either side where you can see and hold the majority of hair strands.
  3. Squeeze the serum onto both palms and spread it out evenly on your palms.
  4. Model your fingers like a comb, and start this finger combing from the middle section of the hair to the end of the hair strands.
  5. At every third comb, gently rub the hair between your palms.
  6. Repeat these steps.
  7. You can finish the procedure by using a hair brush to further even out the application.
  1. 在使用Shield Pro之前,请务必用毛巾擦干头发。
  2. 步骤1 → 挤出Shield Pro营养发膜于2个手掌中,然后轻轻搓揉于手掌中。(用量指引: 头发齐耳/肩按2-2.5cm,发长披肩及腰按2.5-3cm.)
  3. 步骤2 → 用双手分开头发左右两侧,保持与发根一寸的距离,从发尾开始上往下涂和搓揉直到均匀。
  4. 步骤3 → 最后,用手指或梳子轻轻梳理以达到更好的均匀,发质就能有最好效果。

Is Shield Pro suitable for guys? Shield Pro营养发膜是否适合男士?

Yes of course! Shield Pro is for all genders.

Is Shield Pro safe for Toddler's Hair? Shield Pro营养发膜可以安全使用在儿童的头发上吗?

Yes, it is safe on children's hair. Only apply at the end and middle sections of the hair strands. DO NOT apply near the hair root and scalp.
Shield Pro可以安全使用在儿童的头发上.仅适用于头发的中部和尾部,不宜头发根部。

Is Shield Pro safe for my furry pets? Shield Pro营养发膜是否可以涂抹在宠物毛发上?

There has been no animal testing on this product.

Can I transfer the Shield Pro to another container? 我可以将Shield Pro营养发膜装到另一个容器来储存吗?

Yes you can. But you have to make sure that the container is dry, clean and bacteria free before you transfer. However, after the transfer, the product might lose its scent gradually over 2 months. We will highly recommend you use the transferred serum before this 2 month period.

可以。但必须确保容器是干净无污染。 一旦改换容器必须在2个月内使用完。

Where does Shield Pro originate from? Shield Pro营养发膜源自于哪里?

Shield Pro’s formulation originates from Japan. The same ingredients are shipped to MerryLife International, Malaysia, for manufacturing and packing.


Why does my hair sometimes stick together in the morning after applying Shield Pro the night before? 为何昨晚使用Shield Pro营养发膜后,隔天早上头发会粘在一起?

This is due to uneven distribution of the serum during the application.
答需均匀涂抹在头发丝。在使用Shield Pro之前,请务必用毛巾擦干头发,用后吹干效果更佳。

I am a Hair salon owner interested to retail Shield Pro on my premises. 我是美发院业者,想经营Shield Pro营养发膜,公司有提供方案?

For Hair Salon owners, please log on to and drop us an email for more information.