Our Story

MerryLife™ was founded with a free-spirited and ambitious objective: to offer quality, practical and multi-benefits personal / self-care products at a revolutionary price while leading the way for a healthier Lifestyle and premature aging prevention solution provider.

A well-developed country comes in response to a significant problem—our lifestyle choice of physiological needs like air, water, food, and sleep. The human aging factor started to set in when we are exposed to a tremendous amount of free radicals in all approaches, especially in mass urban environments.

We are a group of independent microbiologist practitioners, consultants, and researchers. We had interacted with premature aging disease users from diversified backgrounds and ages from toddlers, teenagers, young adults, middle age, and senior citizens.

The best solutions usually come in response to an ongoing challenge.

Ours: Prevention of lifestyle aging diseases, and beyond basic nutritional functions.

The costs, however, were so exorbitant, and we were surprised how hard it was for mass users to find a suitable product that does not require them to cut essential spending for the entire month. Even at those budget prices, choices were also minimal and the practical results were not significant. So where were the options?

Turns out the functional food with Multi benefits in the premature aging prevention industry is a very niche market not monopolized. However, there are a few trading based companies that have been offering over-promising solutions at an extortionate markup price. But under-delivered outcome and profiting from ignorant consumers. 

We started MerryLife™ to create an alternative. A Revolution, Trustworthy, and Results Assurance. 

The Company

MerryLife is richly endowed with a portfolio of international users that is unique in the Asia market and covers all the reverse-aging solutions of beauty, hair care, and personal wellness care with the response to the diverse needs of consumers around the region.

MerryLife’s manufacturing facility in Malaysia and Japan has acquired more than thousands of precious herbs and ingredients from around the world. It has a well-equipped in-house laboratory to perform analytical testing. Microbiological Assays are routinely performed to exclude pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and other pathogenic agents. Stability Studies are also made on every creation to determine the shelf-life of all our products. This monitors master gauges for traceability and recertification, gauge capability, calibration procedures, and frequency, and carry out routine preventive maintenance. We adhere to Good Laboratory Practice to provide a safe environment and ensure the consistency and reliability of results as outlined in the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) requirements

We make sure they all comply with the strictest regulations in ASIA wherever our products are sold.

Ensuring such a guarantee relies on a rigorous system, which encompasses every aspect of our production process Asia-wide, from the choice of our ingredients and product formulation to manufacturing and packaging.

The safety of our consumers is an absolute priority for us.

Your safety and confidence in using our products are what drives us. Safety assessment is at the heart of what we do. It is a prerequisite for the choice of our ingredients and the conception of any of our products.


By implementing an online direct to users model, bringing solutions and R&D in-house, and bringing our e-commerce Service to engage with customers, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better effect, significant outcome, and more multi-benefits self-care products at a fraction of the retail price. 

"Why should effective aging prevention alternatives be priced out-of-reach to the masses, and only the affluent can afford them?" 

Not all products are created and as effective as they claimed. 

We believe everyone should have effective outcomes and be able to afford an essential aging prevention product to their body needs. That goes from youth groups, middle-age groups, and senior citizens group or any people who need an effective premature aging prevention solution.

Our mission:

Bringing quality and affordable, multi-benefits self-care solutions to the masses.

Encourage healthier lifestyles and premature aging prevention solutions.

Physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of premature aging and chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions.

We have over 20 years of consultancy experience in this area of corporate business


Only the most carefully selected ingredients are chosen to be formulated with our patented recipe on our signature product. The peptide with the highest strength to repair living cells.


Every product is covered by our extensive aftersales services. We pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Service Experience with every product purchased. From presales to aftersales servicing, you are well covered.



At MERRYLIFE, we bring the solutions directly to you with no middleman, enabling us to focus on giving you, the customer, the maximum amount of your budget into a quality product.